how it all began

Should cookies be chewy or crispy, have chunky or mini chips, blonde or chocolate batter, infused with citrus or cinnamon, bejeweled with nuts or fruits, dough that is rolled or dropped? Despite their personal nature, one thing we can all agree on is that - Cookies have super powers - powers to take us back to places in the past - places of warmth, comfort and joy.
I worked in a bakery through my high school and college years where I learned from amazing women. They taught me how to mix, bake, decorate and most importantly the joy of being together and doing something we love.
In college I focused on graphic and advertising design and worked for several years working is design studios. After getting married and starting a family, I wanted to be at home, but also wanted to be doing something in the creative field that I loved. I started making cookies for family showers and parties, searching, studying and practicing cookie decorating techniques and hosting decorating parties with neighbors and friends. 
In 2011 I officially started That Much Sweeter. For several years, my family patiently shared our home kitchen with my growing business. When this arrangement reached a point of mass chaos, we converted our back porch into a commercial kitchen. Maybe someday I will move to a shop, but until the cookie cutters take over, I am quite happy here. Who knows where this adventure will lead.
So this is me. I'd love to hear about you - whatever or whomever you may be celebrating, congratulating, thanking or remembering - I'm absolutely positive that there is a cookie for thatEnjoy looking around and let me know if you see something you love. 

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